What Factors Affect the Cost of Digital Billboards and Digital Signage?

Generally, digital billboards cost more than a similarly-sized traditional equivalent. Several factors impact the cost of digital billboards. Here are the main ones.

  • Location – this is probably the most significant influencer on cost. Popular locations with high footfall or a famous site like the Piccadilly Lights cost vast sums, but digital billboard advertising is just as effective in less fashionable places like a busy bus stop in a town centre, and that’s a whole lot cheaper too
  • Rental period – as with anything, the longer you rent, the more it will cost you, although some billboard companies offer discounts for long-term bookings, which can really add up to a lower spend
  • Size – billboard sizes can vary depending on the location, but an industry standard is described as a 48-sheet that measures around three metres by six metres. A small-sized billboard doesn’t always work with a landscape presentation, so that is also a factor to consider, as this styling looks better on a 96-sheet billboard, double the size and double the price. Billboards are described in sheets, even if they are digital
  • Production and installation costs – depending on the type of package your billboard company provides and whether you have the design produced by a third-party agency or rely on in-house designers. Digital signage doesn’t have the ongoing re-installation and renewal of a classic billboard, but there are other running costs attached to digital billboards that a traditional billboard avoid
  • Seasonality – many billboards are more expensive at certain times of the year, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother/Father’s Day
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Traditional Billboards vs. Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are more expensive than static hoardings, but are they worth the money?

Digital billboards and advertising signage have several distinct advantages over the classic format. These include:-

  • Flexibility – digital billboards are more flexible – advertisements can rotate on a schedule
  • It’s easier to target specific audiences and demographics
  • Digital billboards can be interactive
  • Digital signage allows advertisers to be highly creative and go beyond the limitations of a still image and text
  • Digital billboards can be controlled/changed remotely, so it’s easy to update advertisements and respond to relevant events in real time
  • Digital signage offers eye-catching visuals, vivid colours, and videos
  • Digital billboards provide programmatic advertising so businesses can cherrypick the best times for their target demographic
  • Digital billboards can be triggered by weather conditions, breaking news, and even traffic patterns
  • It’s easier to measure direct results from a digital campaign than a conventional static billboard
  • If placed in a secure and high location, digital billboards and advertising signage are not subject to the same damage problems as static hoardings
  • Although designing a static hard copy ad is cheaper in the production phase than a digital ad, the production cost of a digital billboard can be competitive as there are no posters or materials, which have to be renewed at set intervals
  • Digital billboards allow for easy updates on changing promotions, and this, in turn, offers credible analysis about which elements of the campaign are working and which are not

Find out how much your outdoor ad campaign will cost

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Final Thoughts

Comparing digital billboards with traditional billboards is like comparing apples and oranges.

Digital billboards and advertising signage offer targeted reach and flexibility, but they don’t suit all advertisers – it’s not as simple as paying more money to achieve better results. Sometimes, a traditional billboard is the better option.

Digital billboards suit brands who want to turn round an impactful campaign at relatively short notice plus, there’s the ability to switch creatives or provide real-time messaging; this is essential for many marketing campaigns.

In comparison, static billboards tend to suit companies that are looking to create brand awareness or reinforce the brand on a ‘remember me’ basis.

Is it a choice between digital signage or a traditional billboard? The campaign and its defined goals should play a significant part in the final decision-making. It might be that a layered approach that uses both mediums is the best option.

Digital billboards and signage offer something that a traditional billboard or online marketing can’t match, and as technology keeps on developing, the potential of this type of advertising is limitless.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of digital billboards and signage?

The biggest drawback with digital billboards is that they are more expensive than a static equivalent plus, they won’t necessarily reap better rewards; much depends on the brand, the advertisement, and the location. Digital billboards can also be subject to technical issues. They are only visible for a short period  – sometimes as little as 8-10 seconds – as they rotate with other advertisers on a pre-determined schedule. In contrast, a classic billboard offers exclusivity and 24/7 constant exposure.

Can you see the images on both sides of an LED screen?

No, not on a single screen. On electronic billboards, LEDs are mounted on a printed circuit. To see the images on both sides, it’s necessary to have two screens back-to-back effectively.

Do you need permission for an LED billboard?

All billboards must comply with the rules and regulations of the local authority that controls the area in which the billboard is sited. The advertisement’s content must also abide by the standards set out by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

What does interruptive advertising mean?

Interruptive advertising is when a person or people must stop, pause, and pay attention, even if that is only a few seconds. Traditional and digital billboards are a form of interruptive advertising; if you have a captive audience, like a car in a traffic queue or a train waiting outside a station, then it can be a highly effective advertising medium.

Are digital billboards more effective than traditional billboards?

Digital billboards are not more or less effective than traditional billboards; they’re just different. For the right advertisement and campaign, a digital billboard can produce much better results than a static hoarding; however, a traditional billboard will be much more appropriate and effective for some advertisers. The answer to which is best lies in doing your homework and having a really good advertising strategy that is based on accurate data and forward-thinking. For some brands, DOOH or Digital Out of Home advertising offers unbeatable movement, creativity, and interaction, simply not available with a conventional billboard promotion.

What does ‘Daily View’ mean?

Daily View refers to the number of times a digital ad is displayed.

Is digital billboard advertising and digital signage on a rising trajectory?

The demand for digital billboard advertising is growing significantly, with some expectations that the global DOOH market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 12.6% over the next 5-6 years. Consequently, more digital billboards are being built in busy locations.

What is chronological targeting?

Digital billboards and signage provide the opportunity to target specific demographics in a way that a static billboard just can’t compete with. It allows advertisers to target specific customers during particular windows in the day. Aim at parents taking their children to school between 8.30 and 9.00 and again at pick up time in the afternoon if you are promoting a product or service aimed at the under eighteens. Hospitality outlets can target the evening commuter rush to tempt tired workers out for happy hour drinks or a meal. Although digital signage is more expensive than conventional static billboards, it provides an opportunity for chronological targeting, which is a precise message to an identified demographic.

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