What Factors Affect the Cost of a 96-Sheet Billboard?


Location is a big influencer on the billboard cost. High-density areas, usually in towns and cities, popular retail locations, or tourist hot spots, are typically more expensive than smaller sites with less footfall. However, a billboard can be effective in a less popular or obvious location; it just depends on the target demographic, and remember, the audience doesn’t need to be up close to see a 96-sheet billboard.

The Rental Cycle

The rental period is known as a cycle in billboard advertising, and this is generally a minimum period of two weeks, although the advertisement can be booked to repeat at a set interval. Forward planning is essential in busy locations to ensure you get the billboard site you want.

Time of Year

Seasonality is very important and affects the cost of a 96-sheet billboard. Expect busy retail periods pre-Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day to mean higher prices. Plan ahead and book the advertising site early.

Paper or Digital

Digital is more expensive than traditional paper, but it has other advantages, such as it’s easier to alter and can be programmed to appear at certain times of day. Paper is cheaper but can need more frequent replacement, which adds to the cost.

96-Sheet Billboard Types and Costs

96-sheet billboards make a standout statement with high-profile and striking advertisements that work for almost every type of business and organisation. There are two options: traditional paper posts and digital screens.

A 96-sheet roadside poster will cost, on average, around £925. The digital equivalent follows exactly the same sizing as a traditional 96-sheet static board and averages between £22-£25 per day.

Digital billboards also have running costs and maintenance; however, they have advantages over a static format. They can be interactive, operated, and changed remotely and feature real-time updating.

Popular Locations and Advertisers for 96-Sheet Billboards

96-sheet billboards work in high footfall locations and are designed to be seen relatively close up if placed high up on a building or from a distance, like along the side of a motorway, trunk road, or railway line.

Some popular advertisers and sectors include:

  • Fashion companies – 96-sheet billboards are perfect for bold designs and standout colours
  • The events industry – these large billboards suit blockbuster film releases and ground-breaking West End shows
  • Sporting events – 96-sheet billboards are the perfect herald for a big match or sell-out sporting performance

Key Points with a 96-Sheet Billboard Campaign

  • This is one giant billboard, so make sure the advert content is appropriate for the size; it’s not just a question of taking a smaller design and scaling it up; the advert needs to work near, far, and in that particular location
  • Use planning software to look at your image on the exact billboard site; sometimes, changing just one or two minimal features can make a huge difference, and this is unique to each surrounding
  • Use an experienced designer who knows how to produce content for this medium. The advertisement may also be capable of being repurposed for use on a company website or social media channels
  • Make sure the billboard is part of a cohesive marketing strategy and is not just out on a limb. The different marketing and advertising elements should complement one another and form a unified whole. Billboard advertising will strengthen other advertising media

Final Thoughts

2023 research demonstrates that out-of-home advertising (OOH) produces the highest levels of customer recall than virtually any other type of media.

96-sheet billboards make the boldest statement. This advertising medium leaves consumers in no doubt that this is a confident brand with a leading product or service.

For a relatively modest outlay, a company can use a simple poster campaign to convey a compelling message to the target demographic. It’s a simple concept that lets the ad’s quality and design do the talking, and the billboard shouts the message out to the world at scale.

It’s worth speaking to an expert outdoor advertising agency to discuss your 96-sheet billboard campaign, including locations, exact costs, and rental periods. They may be able to help with advertisement design, or you can hire a third-party specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a 96-sheet billboard?

96 sheet billboard dimensions are 12.92 metres x 3.048 metres or 480” x 120”. This is the largest-sized billboard available, and the advertisements are usually portrayed in landscape mode. Because of their huge dimensions, 96-sheet billboards have fewer site choices around the UK than smaller billboards.

What are the other billboard sizes?

The most common sizes are 48-sheet and 96-sheet, but there are others like 6-sheet and 16-sheet. The right size to choose depends on marketing goals, the type of advertisement, and the company’s budget.

Which is better, a traditional 96-sheet billboard or an LED equivalent?

Both have pros and cons, but one of the drawbacks of an LED billboard is that space is shared with five other advertisers, giving just a few seconds of exposure within a one-minute timeframe.

Does a smaller poster work if scaled up to a 96-sheet billboard?

Not always as firstly, most 96-sheet billboards are landscape, and smaller billboard adverts may be portrait in style. You also have to consider the unique environment for each individual billboard – what works in one location may not work in another.

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