What Factors Affect the Cost of a 96-Sheet Billboard?


Location is the most significant determinant of cost, and location is evaluated by footfall so how population dense the area is and how many impressions a billboard is likely to receive. It’s easy to be swayed by popular advertising locations, but 48-sheet billboards can do well in less obvious and busy areas; it just depends on the demographic you are aiming at.


The time of year impacts costs considerably, especially in retail areas where pre-Christmas is always a premium rate. If a billboard is near a venue or event, then expect higher rates when that location attracts an influx of visitors. Tourist areas are also priced accordingly during the summer months and holiday season.

Hire Period

The longer you hire the space, the more you pay, but extended bookings can generate a discount as billboard operators are keen to capture business.

Traditional Paper Poster or Digital LED

Paper posters are cheaper to produce and install but can require frequent replacement depending on factors like vandalism or even the weather. Digital is more expensive but brings with it lots of advantages like programmatic advertising, real-time updates, and interactivity.

48-Sheet Billboard Types and Costs

Whilst the average billboard cost across the UK is £350 per week, 48-sheet billboards are a little more economic because they are smaller. Companies should budget on a price for this size of around £200 per week.

There are two options: paper poster or digital. Both can be equally effective, and traditional static billboards can be interactive; witness the effective campaign run by the charity, The Dogs Trust, which used a standard poster design with takeaway soft toy puppies.

Digital billboards are more expensive than standard posters and have operating costs. However, they do bring plenty of advantages with that higher price tag. 48-sheet digital LED billboards can be installed within hours, and companies can make real-time changes to respond to different factors like promotions and external factors like news events and the weather, which may be relevant to their brand or product.

Sectors and Locations for 48-Sheet Billboards

48-sheet billboards are best placed in high footfall locations, and there are numerous choices across the UK compared to the enormous 96-sheet boards, which have fewer sites.

Almost any sector uses 48-sheet billboards, but they are particularly popular with the events industry, fashion companies, financial institutions, and the motor trade.

Designing a Great 48-Sheet Billboard Campaign

  • Start by establishing clear goals and objectives for the billboard and do thorough research to identify the target demographic
  • Billboard content should be designed for billboards, which may differ in spec from content for other advertising channels, although it should contain consistent branding features. It may not be possible or practical to take a smaller advert and scale it up
  • Specialist software allows companies to preview their billboard design in the environment where it will sit, allowing changes to be made to improve the design before it goes live based on what’s around the board. Minor tweaks can make a big difference in terms of visual impact and legibility
  • Use experienced billboard designers with a track record of producing good content for billboards and preferably your industry
  • Fit the billboard campaign into your marketing plan so it forms part of the holistic strategy. Billboard advertising can complement and strengthen other media channels

Final Thoughts

2023 research demonstrates that billboard advertising produces the highest customer recall levels than comparable channels, and 3D LED billboards are the fastest-growing segment in advertising and media.

48-sheet billboards are suitable for all types of companies and promotions. Their compromise size means they are affordable and can be sited almost anywhere, making them appropriate for big-name brands, SMEs, and start-ups.

For a reasonable budget, a company can produce a simple and engaging message to a target demographic; billboards are far more sensitive in this regard than other forms of advertising. The concept can be simple or clever and works for new products and services and cementing brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a 48-sheet billboard?

48-sheet billboards measure 6.096 metres by 3.048 metres. They are large enough to create a splash but not so big that they require a vast space or a powerful message. 48-sheet billboards are the most popular because they are large enough to be impactful but still offer a reasonable price point and ROI – Return on Investment.

What other billboard sizes are available?

Double the size of a 48-sheet is a 96-sheet, but you can go smaller with 16-sheet and 6-sheet sizes. Billboards are always referred to in sheet sizes, even if they are digital. This is a hangover from the very earliest billboards, which were made from several small sheets of paper stuck together to form an advertisement.

Is a 48-sheet 3D LED digital billboard better than a more old-fashioned traditional static format?

Both types have advantages and disadvantages, it depends on what you are trying to achieve as to which is the better medium and the available budget. One of the main drawbacks of digital is that the billboard space is shared with other advertisers on a continuous loop, giving just a few seconds of exposure. Compare this with some static billboards where the dwell time can be several minutes, depending on the location.

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