What Factors Affect the Cost of Bus Billboards?

Different variables influence the price of bus billboards. Here are the primary price influencers.

Vehicle Type

There is an extensive choice regarding bus designs and size, from single-decker buses to larger double-deckers and minibuses and coaches. Larger buses offer more potential space, so they often charge more, but the advertisement size is usually the critical cost determinant.

Bus Route

The bus route is a crucial link to the target demographic. Busy urban roads and city centres generally command higher prices than buses that travel out of town or on rural journeys where there are simply fewer people. Suburban bus advertising can target schools, colleges, retail parks, and leisure centres so it can be as impactful as city centre bus billboards.

Length of Rental

Usually, the longer the hire period, the greater the cost. However, some bus billboard operators offer competitive rates for extended booking periods and discounts for returning customers.

Type of Advertisement

Size matters, so small adverts like supersides, rears, or panels inside the bus will be cheaper than a full bus wrap.

Bus Volume and Route Designation

A bus can change its number and travel a different route, so this is one fact to establish with the bus operator, as each route will have a different demographic and price. Make sure the advert is linked to a specific route and frequency. Advertising on multiple buses will cost more.

Seasonal Demand

For buses in high-footfall retail areas, there will be competition for advertising space, particularly at certain times of the year, like the run-up to Christmas or during significant events like parades and festivals. With popular advertising windows, forward planning is essential to book the best slots.

Types of Bus Billboards

Bus Side Panels

Side panel advertising is clear and effective not just to the passengers waiting at the bus stop but to pedestrians and drivers.

Rear Panels

Rear panel advertising is the ideal way to pique the interest of motorists queuing behind the bus, especially in busy city centres with slow vehicle movement.

Interior Advertising

There are many locations within the bus interior where small billboards can be placed, including the overhead compartments and above or on the back of the seats.

Some Interesting Statics about Bus Travel and Bus Billboards

There are so many reasons why people use a bus service. They may be travelling to work, school, or college or accessing leisure, recreation, or medical or community services. Don’t forget more niche travel like the buses that operate solely in airports or tourist buses in London and large cities around the UK.

Here are some key facts that demonstrate why bus billboards have such an excellent reach as a marketing medium, impacting over 48 million adults over an average two-week period.

  • 29% of adults use buses to commute to work and spend at least one hour a week on bus travel
  • 79% of commuters in the UK prefer buses with adverts
  • 61% of commuters have seen one or more bus ads within the last seven days
  • 54% of 15-34 year olds see bus advertisements every week
  • In the UK, 80% of consumers have previously responded to bus advertising
  • 86% of bus passengers can remember bus advertising
  • Approximately 30 million people see an advert on a bus every week
  • 2.2 billion bus trips are made on buses in London

Final Thoughts

As a form of transit advertising, the data on bus advertising and its reach and effectiveness is hard to ignore. With such a wide demographic of travellers, bus billboards are a viable option for all businesses and organisations, offering targeted advertising to a captive audience.

There are varied choices regarding location on the bus, size, and cost, with the option to create an eye-catching and compelling message or increase brand awareness. Of course, external bus advertising also has a reach far beyond bus passengers, particularly in busy city centres.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a company track the impact of a bus advertising campaign?

Data on bus journeys and passenger numbers makes the case for advertising on a particular route, but evaluating the campaign’s effectiveness is harder. Certain techniques can help, like using a specific promotional or discount code or a trackable QR code. Directing viewers to a microsite rather than the main website is another option. This facilitates quite precise feedback from a specific advertisement.

How do you book bus billboards?

The options are to either use a transit advertising agency that books advertising space across all types of vehicles, including trains, tubes, trams, and buses, or approach a bus operator yourself.

How long can you advertise on a bus?

Bus advertising tends to run for a few weeks to several months. A booking period doesn’t mean the advert will be visible continuously as with other billboard advertising. The promotion length depends on the specific marketing goals, budget, and space availability on the chosen bus routes.

How effective is bus advertising?

Bus advertising is proven to be highly effective at reaching a wide demographic and influencing consumer behaviour. Studies demonstrate fast action by bus passengers in response to bus advertising, meaning more website hits, and increased brand awareness translating to higher engagement and purchases. Flexible price options mean this advertising is accessible to all types of companies, not just big-name brands.

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